ARTlifeCULTURE is an international youth arts company based in Cork, Ireland.

Inspired by our heritage and cultural identity, ARTlifeCULTURE facilitates the artistic expressions of Irish children and young people, guiding them and supporting them in their creative process, and producing professional contemporary Irish art for international audiences.

ARTlifeCULTURE has designed and delivered children’s and youth arts programmes for European Capitals of Culture Liverpool 2008, Vilnius 2009 and Pécs 2010 and for World EXPOs Shanghai 2010 and Milan 2015.

With summer SING! we bring the flair and freedom of our international programmes home. We have looked at Cork City and shaped a programme which animates the cultural and civic sphere and exudes artistic and operational excellence.

summer SING! is produced by ARTlifeCULTURE in partnership with Music Generation Cork City, and supported by the Arts Council, Cork City Council, University College Cork International Office and SING Ireland.

ARTlifeCULTURE’s child and youth-centred approach emphasises equality of access and quality of process and guarantees excellence and innovation in collaborative international children’s and youth arts initiatives.